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Get Paid Easily by Direct Debit

Find out why it's far better for you and your customers

You may think that Direct Debit Payments are something that only big companies can do.  Luckily, that is no longer true.  You too can do it easily through companies like Go Cardless.

What are the benefits to you in setting up a Direct Debit System.  It makes your credit control easier.  No more chasing people for money.  You know when you'll get paid and so does your customer.  It's a qualifier.  If your customer is reluctant to set up a Direct Debit Mandate the chances are they're going to be a slow payer.  The other benefit to you is that you get to talk about payment without talking about money.  I've found that many customers who don't want to set up a Direct Debit Payment will offer me payment in advance instead.

So what's in it for your customers?  Why should they sign up to your Direct Debiting System?

Firstly, it's the most secure payment system possible.  If there is anything wrong with the payment, it's the wrong amount or it's too early they can get their money back immediately from their own bank under the legally backed Direct Debit Warrantee that all banks have to sign up to.

Secondly, it will save them loads of time.  All they have to do is fill in a very short authorisation form which is just their name, business name, email, bank sort code and bank account number and that's it done.  They never ever have to lift a finger again to pay you in the future.  All the work is done by you.

If you'd like to try out Go Cardless for yourself it's absolutely free to set up.  The only fees you pay are per transaction and they are a lot lower than credit card costs.  Tap the button below to find out more