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Printing & Mailing was founded by me, Mark Orr on the 11th June 2001.  It was born from years of experience in print and direct mail.

Printing and Mailing is the only print and direct marketing supplier you'll ever need for absolutely anything and everything in Print and Direct Mail. There really isn’t anything we cannot produce for you.

Printing & Mailing is a print management company. That means that you have access to the greatest variety of top quality printing machinery anywhere in the UK all at trade prices. It also means that your print and direct marketing jobs are always printed on exactly the right machinery for the job.  That means better value and better quality.

A print manufacturer will only give you advice based on the very expensive men and specific machines which they have to fill up with work every single month whether it fits or not. To get the very best quality and value for your job it must be done on exactly the right machinery. Unlike a print manufacturer, Printing & Mailing is not restricted to a single specific process. Your job is always printed on exactly the right machinery. Printing & Mailing is the right fit every time.  We never attempt to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

Printing & Mailing is dedicated to giving you the highest possible standards of personal service and advice. All of our time can be focused on looking after you and not wasted on the problems associated with owning and running print machinery and the machine minders that operate it.

Because Printing & Mailing is not tied to any particular print machinery or burdened by the finance required for it we are able to offer genuine independent free advice on the best printing method to achieve the great results that you deserve. Printing & Mailing is dedicated to giving you the greatest printing results and the best value. You'll enjoy free consultancy and advice that always starts with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve? What is your objective? Printing & Mailing works harder and smarter to continuously improve your results and reduce your costs.

Printing & Mailing is always competitive because your jobs are printed on the right machinery. Through Printing & Mailing you enjoy our tremendous purchasing power because we buy so much, so well and have gained a reputation for fair trading and honest dealing with both customers and suppliers.

Printing & Mailing is so confident that we GUARANTEE your return on investment

Print and Direct Marketing? Why Choose Printing & Mailing?