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You wouldn’t believe in any guarantee unless it had real penalties behind it. This one has.

If the print we produce for you isn’t right up to the standard that was specified in your detailed order confirmation it will be done again, quickly and without any fuss or bother.

This cast iron guarantee includes everything that was promised. If the paper is not of the quality specified it will be done again. If the colours don’t match your hard copy proof or the previously printed copy you gave us using the identical artwork it will be done again. If it is trimmed badly it will be done again. If it isn’t folded as specified in your artwork it will be done again. You deserve the high quality printing and direct mailing that you have agreed to pay for.

This is one of the major benefits for you when working with a print management company rather than a print factory. Printing & Mailing is a print management company. Therefore any quality issues with the your job are the responsibility of the factory that produced the work. All our factories have been audited by us for genuine quality levels rather than the generic ISO standards that you will sometimes see. All of our factories have signed up to our guarantee of quality and therefore agreed to reprint anything which isn’t up to scratch. We want to be proud of all the work we produce for you and we want you to be proud of it too.

If you work directly with a print factory you will find that most of them won’t give you any guarantees at all. Ask them and see.

If you have a problem with your job and talk to the print factory you will nearly always find that they want to fob you off with some form of discount rather than reprint it for you again. The reason is simple. All they can see is costs. They have to buy new paper that they cannot charge for. They have to put the job back on their press which will often cost them overtime payments to their staff. They have to pay for another delivery and probably the collection and waste disposal of the bad job. All of that is bad news for them.

Why are we so happy to produce the job again under our cast iron guarantee? The cost to us of a bad job is far worse than money, it is our long established and hard won reputation for high quality. So, if your job is not up to scratch our major concern is to produce it again quickly to the high standards that you deserve and expect. The advantage we have is that all our factories are signed up to those high standards. They agree with us that if they haven’t printed the job right first time they will do it again or we will move it to another factory who will print it to the high quality standards expected by all of our clients.

What don’t we cover in our guarantee? There are some things in life that cannot be covered. If your job is being mailed and the schedule was so tight that the items went straight into the mail directly from the factory before you have seen them it is too late for us or anybody else to do anything about it. We cannot recover items out of the mail. We cannot accept the contingent liability of the postage costs and the fulfilment costs to send it out again. In this case the only thing left to us is to compensate you financially as a percentage of the job. Because we hate doing that we urge and encourage you to allow time in the planned schedule for you to see the printed items before they are fulfilled and mailed. That way there is time to reprint them and if necessary, we will even upgrade you to a faster posting method at our expense to get you back on track if you have a deadline to hit.

Print and direct mail rely on manufacturing processes and the people who run them and neither are perfect. Mistakes will be made from time and time and therefore print and direct mail jobs will go wrong. We take the risk out of those mistakes for you by guaranteeing the quality of the work we produce. We have never ever failed to live up to this guarantee.

High Quality Printing and Direct Marketing Company - Guaranteed!